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Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : Ki Ki 【3867号】

Age 年龄 : 22 Years Old

Height 身高 : 158cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34D

Room 包房


Farrer Park 花拉公园

$100 /45 mins /1 HJ


8369 3869

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2021-10-25 16:52vlogger Says:
IF you are regular, she will give much me service. need to top up me
2021-11-24 15:31欢喜哥 Says:
Are you sure..
2021-07-16 19:20Xian Says:
2021-07-13 13:21M. Says:
今天大太阳天气我下去找了Kiki,我进门看见Kiki穿黑色的女佣衣服太好看了!Kiki照片是本人, 服务很好!Kiki的爱爱叫声好听!Kiki的乃好大!
2021-06-29 15:09Ming Says:
2021-06-24 18:33wk1 Says:

honestly one of the best so far in my experience
photos dont do her justice.

her BBBJ is crazy good, and she would swap positions if u wanted to f FJ, unless its something she cant do (reasonable)
great girl, and her kissing is 10/10

really a gem
2021-06-24 14:43wk1 Says:
really pretty syt

looks : 9/10
massage : NIL (didnt go f it)
service : 9/10 (awesome bbbj and fj, constant moans)
GFE : 7/10 (i was awkward so can\t blame her)
RTF : ever i have time to travel, yes def

2021-06-13 00:00 Says:
2021-06-12 23:57 Says:
2021-04-25 13:04小哥哥 Says:
Kiki 年轻漂亮服务很好!奶大,很温柔体贴!已经找了她很多次了!❤️
2021-04-23 10:56Kiki fan Says:
Real photos. Face may not be as sharp but me natural and pretty in real life.
One of the prettiest I’ve met. And looks young. SYT!
The way she talks is cute as well. A little like Taiwanese vibe she talks.
Huge nice boobs. Nice BJ.
Not a time watcher but after the deed a little rushed. But because there were a lot of customers around.
Confirmed a gem.
2021-03-02 17:54Tt Says:
Good service and attitude. Please treat this gem well. Same as picture but even better in person! One of the few ladies who actually deliver. Will definitely return!
2021-02-26 23:03zexe Says:
i met kiki today,location was very easy to find.

massage not that impr to me
service 8.5/10
gfe:9/10 (she likes to kiss)
rtf: ofcourse in the future

she has a slight shy, playful and excellent attitude in my opinion and she is one of those fls there are hard to find as she is pretty. you definitely won’t miss out if you meet her. hope you treat her well:)
2021-02-23 01:49小哥哥 Says:
这个小姐姐永远最棒了 爱死了
2021-01-23 03:141015 Says:
2021-01-21 20:12棒棒棒哒 Says:
2021-02-06 15:49片头 Says:
2021-01-23 06:12前任 Says:
2021-01-19 12:33小胖哥 Says:

2021-01-01 21:21SteveT Says:
2021-01-01 18:35啊富 Says:
2020-12-29 18:47Rhejsk Says:
Very similar to picture, almost 90% and high gfe, convenient location, will rtf
2020-12-19 16:08Echo Says:
video is pretty much accurate less fairness.

RTF: of cse
2020-12-19 14:58CK Says:
2020-12-18 08:46Damien888 Says:
Met Kiki f a session last night and it turned out to be a fantastic session

Looks : 9/10 ( 90%to 95% Similarity to photos but a bit me tan and actual photos )
Massage : 6/10 ( First time doing massage so nothing much on this and she will try her best )
Service : 8/10 ( Still very green to this line and fresh in Singape. Very good attitude lady, she will look at you while giving you BBBJ and willing to try various positions, not a time watcher. Cute & pretty SYT with ample boobs to play with )
GFE : 9/10 ( One man\s meat is another man\s poison )

RTF : 100% Yes, will visit her me often and definitely wth the $150 compared to rest of the FLs I tried during this period
2020-12-17 23:10AxlRose8989 Says:
Just visited her tonight f 2nd time within a week, was skeptical she told me she had shifted to legendary Z$&N Rd but decided to go my small head took over , Below is my honest and fair review

Looks : 9/10 ( 90% Similar to photo but slightly me tann than photos, Young GND Petite which is my type )
Boobs : 9/10 ( 34C to 36C very ample f Boobs lover)
Massage : 6/10 ( Doesn\t have experience in this line but tried her best but don\t expected
Service : 9/10 ( Very fresh in service line but learning the ropes quickly, started with very simple massage followed by BBBJ looking at you while she was blowing f me, after 10 mins she proceeded to cap me and ride on me but after a while she was a bit tired so I took over and Doggie her followed by missionary and seeing her cute face and slight non exaggerated moan befe I fire out my load inside condom
GFE : 9/10 F me at least there was, compared to other FLs I have tried f the last few months with all the Fake Photos and old hags she can be considered a GEM and highly recommended plus she is not a time watcher.

Return To Fuck : Hell Yes
2020-12-17 16:20johndoe Says:
The place got raided just in front of my eyes thank god i haven\t stepped in.. dunno if i sway heng.. but brothers out there also be careful yeah? Hope everyone is okay and nothing happen.
2021-02-17 10:22Big brother Says:
johndoe bro,
You must be the police if not how can you be so lucky and not being caught? Dear admin, please block this guy from further dating with any girls. Thanks.
2020-12-15 13:04Yboy Says:

2nd time meeting her. Find her prettier than photos!
100% GFE, excellent attitude. Should be early twenties.
Hard to find someone pretty like her with good service!
Will try to meet her while she is around.
Bros who meet her should cherish her me while she is here!

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